TTFS BMW E46 M3 Alpha-N Tune

TTFS BMW E46 M3 Alpha-N Tune

E46 + M3


Product Description

Many performance enthusiasts love the sound of the E46 M3 CSL. The Alpha N tune is designed for enthusiasts that want to run a CSL airbox or Velocity Stacks, but do not have a CSL style ECU or OEM CSL snorkel. The Alpha-N tune does not add more or less power than the TTFS performance E46 M3 tune we offer. The Alpha N tune may be upgraded to a complete custom remote tune with data logging and it is customized to your specific naturally aspirated S54 motor.


Download, Complete, SAVE then email the Remote Tune Build Sheet to


  •  TTFS Alpha-N Tune
  •  ProTuner, ProLogger, & cable


  • Throttle Remapping
  • MAF Sensor Delete
  • Custom vanos timing for specific application
  • Increase in Torque and Horsepower 
  • Sport Button remains on when car is turned off
  • SAP Delete option at no extra cost
  • Increase red-line
  • Shift light for 6 Speed cars
  • Launch control option for 6 speed cars
  • ProLogger software allows you to read codes and clear codes
  • ProLogger software allows you to reset engine adaptations 



TTFS BMW E46 M3 Alpha-N Tune
TTFS BMW E46 M3 Alpha-N Tune

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