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Carbon Fibre and Kevlar

Kevlar Front Scoop

Carbon Fibre Front Scoop

Carbon Fibre Head light Duct

GT4 Style Canards


PSDesigns BMW M4 GTS Style Fire Extinguisher Mount

PSDesigns Harness Lap Belt / OEM Seat Belt mount brackets

PSDesigns 5-6 point Anti-Submarine Bracket

Direct Port Water/Meth Injection Kit

Carbon Fibre Stacks

Curently in Development, PSDesigns S65 BMW E90/E92/E93 M3 Velocity Stack Conversion

We have purchased an S65 Intake Plenum and Throttle Body assemblies to allow us to develop a PSDesigns Velocity Stack Conversion for use in BMW E90, E92 and E93 M3's. Watch this space for updates,

S65 Airbox for development of our S65 E9x M3 Velocity Stack Conversion

So as promised we're moving on with our S65 Velocity Stack kit. We purchased a set of S65 throttle bodies and so far we've gone through 2 oem intake plenums in our quest to produce a kit that not only looks good but goes great too! With this kit the intention is to produce everything in the kit so the intake trumpets you see will not be in the final kit, we're working with a carbon fibre manufacturer for those. Additionally all the oil lines and fittings wil be AN aerospace grade, high quality oil catch tank, carbon fibre heat shield and custom air filters. This one is going to be good. Plug and play power here we come!

S65 Throttle bodies and OEM trumpets
S65 Carbon Fibre Velocity Stacks

PSDesigns S54 Velocity Stack kits

S54 PSDesigns Bespoke Velocity Stack kit in Porsche Riveria Blue
S54 PSDesigns Bespoke Velocity Stack kit in Burnt Bronze
S54 PSDesigns Bespoke Velocity Stack kit in Limited Edition BMW Fire Orange
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