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PSDesigns Ram Air Front Scoop (E46)

PSDesigns Ram Air Front Scoop:-


Manufactured from Carbon Fibre and available in a range of different weaves/finishes including 1x1 plain, 2x2 twill and Carbon Kevlar.


The PSDesigns Ram Air Scoop has been designed to work with all intake systems and locates in the front grill of the E46M3 and helps to “ram” air into the engines induction/air intake system.


Not only does the scoop provide a fresh supply of cold air to the induction system/air intake they also offer cosmetic enhancement to the front of the vehicle. The scoop is visible through the kidney grills in the bonnet.



1 PSDesigns Ram Air Front Scoop.


Retail Price:-


£105.50 plus international shipping (UK shipping included)


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