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PSDesigns E46 Chassis Repair/Reinforcement Plate Kit

(Co developed with Redish Motorsport)

PSDesigns worked in partnership with Redish Motorsport to develop the very successful E46 Rear Subframe Repair/Reinforcement kit. This kit is available to buy in our eBay shop or get in touch to buy directly. Kits retail at £154.98 including delivery within the UK and £164.97 with international shipping. 



As featured in the October 2017 edition of Performance BMW Magazine and regularly reviewed/displayed on internet forums, such as m3cutters.co.uk and m3forum.net (previously known as the Redish Motorsport Plate Kit)




We are the only seller on eBay to offer full online support during the fitment of this kit. Please take advantage of our vast experience with fitting this product, if you have a question please don’t hesitate to ask.


PSDesigns in partnership with Redish Motorsport have redeveloped the original chassis repair/reinforcement plate kit for the BMW E46 3 series to offer a far better, more cost effective, long term solution to the well-documented problem of floor cracking which the BMW E46 3 series suffers.

Regards fitment, this kit has been designed to fit perfectly, each hole lines up with a corresponding feature, as it is supposed to, each and every one of them are in an exact location to ensure they line up with each feature they need to, be it spot weld locations, the contour of the panel, the shape of the floor or bolt hole/mounting features etc.

Each kit is checked before it is dispatched to ensure this is the case. If the “other kits” on the market have holes in different locations we would question why, the spot welds/features are in fixed locations on the car’s rear axle carrier panel so why are the holes located differently? Additionally there is a specific number of holes in our kit so as not to interfere with the structural integrity of the plate and how they dissipate loading forces across their surface area, we didn’t just design a kit, we engineered it (probably over engineered it) to be the best we could make it, it took 6 mths to develop and correctly test. We invested a lot of time and money into them.

The V2 PSDesigns/
Redish-Motorsport-E46-Rear-Subframe-Reinforcement-kit has been designed to provide the best repair and reinforcement option available on the market, regardless of crack damage, age, mileage, service history or modifications made. The kit is universal to the entire E46 BMW 3 Series model range regardless of body type, transmission or engine size/type.

As said, the fitment is 100% positive with great reviews from customers and other workshops using our precision made reinforcement plate kit all over the world.

The kit consists of 8 individual plates, part numbered and tailored to specific locations on the E46’s chassis, along with a set of comprehensive fitting instructions.


Development History:

Redish Motorsport haD been repairing and reinforcing BMW floor's for years. It started with the E36 where it was neccessary to completely rebuild the OSF rear subframe threaded mount after it was quite literally torn out of the floor pan on a 1992 325i.
Since then the majority of repairs have been to repair & reinforce E46 M3's.

One day we were faced with repairing this 2001 M3 manual coupe with 72,000 miles 


Up until then repairs carried out using reinforcement plates from the USA (like everyone else had to).
As you can see they didn't cover or contain the damage on this M3:

Nor did the NSR plate cover the hairline crack on this car (outlined in red):

So we set about designing and producing our own reinforcement plate kit for cars like this one with moderate damage/cracking.

We purchased a brand new floor panel from BMW (Rear Axle Carrier Panel) and carried out drawings, templates, CAD models, leading on to getting laser cut prototype plates, further stress analysis. Several incarnations spanned over months of work to perfect these plates. Pete Sidwell of PSDesigns expertise, informed by over a decade as an Aerospace Repair Design Engineer, ensured this product was an evolutionary step ahead of any other kit on the market. 

Product testing started in house with the introduction of our plate kit to our popular "Repair & Reinforcement Service" - featured in Performance BMW Magazine (May 2013 issue) Please see our web page for details of this service.

We then selected 2 close and trusted workshops to test our kit and give us some 'outside' feedback. 
Needless to say, they were greatly surprised with our accuracy achieved not only in the line up of all holes for stud mounting and plug welding but also the folding process.
Since then they've been sold to members of the public and workshops worldwide, again customer feedback has been 100%.

Every kit is precision folded in house using industrial folding equipment and digital protractors. A perfect hole line up and plate fit is achieved every time, each kit is individually checked to ensure the plates fit our master jig set before they are used in the workshop or sent out to a customer.

The kit consists of 8 individual plates, part numbered and tailored to specific locations on the E46’s chassis, offering the maximum protection possible with a chassis plate kit:

PSD-E46-sub-001-V2 – QTY.1 – Located at the NSR Differential carrier mounting location. This is the most problematic location and the area where most cracks and even material separation is found.

PSD-E46-sub-002-V2 – QTY.1. – Designed specifically to follow the contours of the OSR subframe Differential carrier location face/area.

PSD-E46-sub-003-V2 – QTY.1. – For use at the OSF Differential carrier location face/area. This is the other major problem area on the sub-frame and where cracking is again most common. This plate has been design to dramatically strengthen the OSF location face, spreading the torque loading and unloading over a far greater area, of a stronger material to the original subframe.

PSD-E46-sub-004-V2 – QTY.1. – Tailored to fit the NSF Differential Carrier location face/area.

PSD-E46-sub-005-V2 – Qty.2 included in the kit but is fitted optionally, they allow the boot floor to be cut from inside the vehicle to gain access to the internal bracing of the subframe to allow rosette welding of the internal features, these plates are used to cap the holes cut in the boot floor.

PSD-E46-sub-006-V2 – Qty.2 plates, spacer plates to accommodate the change in the floor thickness, they ensure seamless fitment of the Differential Carrier.

Fitted Pics:

Technical info:
The plates are manufactured from 2mm thick automotive grade mild steel, or CR4 as it is professionally known, this is a low carbon steel ranging from 0.05% to 0.26% carbon, which is classified by British Standard BS 1449 and has a Tensile Strength of 270/410 N/MM² Min and a Yield Stress of 280 N/MM2, which makes it significantly stronger than the OEM Subframe material. 

Our kit is significantly larger than any other available kit, which allows them to dissipate the torsional stress loading and unloading into the subframe over a greater area, eliminating the risk of cracking/failure. This also helps repair the floor either side of a crack and spreads the unloading or pulling force in a downwards motion.

Our kits are laser cut to ensure each kit is perfect for its required application. The plates are then folded individually at Redish Motorsport HQ to the correct angles and checked on the template floor before being carefully packaged for dispatch or stored for fitment in our workshop. In 2012 we repaired 13 E46 M3’s in our workshop suffering from cracked floors, in 2013 we repaired a further 38, to date we have now repaired over 100 E46 M3's and sold hundreds of kits all over the world, we anticipate this number to grow rapidly as increasing numbers of vehicles fall out of the grace period offered by BMW.

We believe the only satisfactory method for installation of this kit is welding. Whilst a competent welder should be able to fit this kit, the removal of the rear axle assembly and fuel tank is required and so we would recommend only qualified professionals attempt installation. It is possible to attach the plates via the use of adhesive resins/epoxy's but this is not validated by PSDesigns/Redish Motorsport and as such is not a service we offer.

Thanks for reading



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