TTFS S55 M3/4 Remote ECUTune

TTFS S55 M3/4 Remote ECUTune

F8X + M3/M4



We look to offer our customers the best performance tune on the market. Through careful remapping of the factory ECU, various factors such as ignition timing, fuel delivery, and throttle are reworked to create unparalleled performance. Our tune has been both dyno and track tested on our in-house M4 to ensure the most reliable software upgrade for our consumers. We highly recommend colder plugs for your S55 motor to avoid misfires under load for the most reliable power.

Key Features:

  • Higher torque over factory settings through RPM range
  • Recalibrated settings for a smoother and  responsive power
  • Modified vanos camshaft remapping 
  • Cold start delete
  • Stage 1 or Stage 2 maps for 95-97 octane
  • Off Road Only Downpipe Map
  • Burble Option
  • Tuner flag removal
  • OBD Flashing Option


Performance Specs:
Up to 120hp gains  :  Rear wheel HP measured on the dyno
Up to 120 Ft / LBs gains :  Rear wheel FT/LBs measured on the dyno
 Remote Tuning Instructions.


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TTFS S55 M3/4 Remote ECUTune
TTFS S55 M3/4 Remote ECUTune

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