WeldTech PSDesigns BMW E46 Rear Strut Brace.

WeldTech PSDesigns BMW E46 Rear Strut Brace.

E46 + M3


Introducing the WeldTech PSDesigns BMW E46 Rear Strut Brace. For BMW E46 Coupe, Saloon and Touring Models.


What is a Rear Strut Brace?
A “Rear Strut Brace” or RSB is intended to reduce the flex between the Rear strut towers (suspension towers) during cornering. Reducing this flex ensures that the suspension remains in the orientation intended, allowing for the suspension to do its job properly.

Who can benefit from a strut bar?
A Rear strut brace can benefit all car drivers/cars, from road cars to weekend track cars and full race cars, there is a benefit to be gained from a properly engineered strut brace. We are sure that anyone can appreciate the ability for rear suspension to remain constant at all times, other benefits include support of the factory strut towers from "mushrooming". This generally occurs if the vehicle hits large potholes, particularly prevalent on UK roads currently! The impact causes the suspension to compress completely, damaging the wheel . However, not only the wheel takes the hit, but the suspension and shock tower as well. Over time, if left unprotected, this can cause expensive structural damage.

What to look for in a strut tower brace?

  • Sufficient protection of the suspension towers to prevent "mushrooming"
  • Strong centre bar with adequate bracing and stiffening.
  • Allow for suspension changes/adjustments
  • Made from the best materials available
  • Ease of fitment and future servicing.


Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight tubular steel bars construction
  • High strength steel plate Tower Mounts
  • Powder coated for a durable finish.
  • The WeldTech/PSDesigns RSB is intentionally a 1 piece design. This allows for ease of installation.
  • The Brace is a one piece welded construction which will resist bending and flexing.
  • Suspension towers offer full 360° support, completely covering the tower area. This can prevent costly structural damage "mushrooming" from potholes, especially with lowered cars.
  • Removal of the strut brace takes only minutes with simple hand tools. Adjustments to suspension camber/caster plates can be made without removal of the bar.
  • The Brace can also be used as a harness bar, providing a strong anchor point for multipoint harness straps.
  • The brace was designed specifically for the E46 M3 2001-2006,  However it will also fit E46 models from 1999 onwards.


WeldTech PSDesigns BMW E46 Rear Strut Brace.
WeldTech PSDesigns BMW E46 Rear Strut Brace.

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